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I think the one thing that bothered me the most when it came to Helga in “Hey Arnold” was Olga. At first it seemed like she didn’t notice how her parents acted with Helga or how they acted period or how Helga would handle it but in one episode it showed that she did know what was happening and chose to continue her perfectionist ways and ignore the problems. I decided then I didn’t like her. There were times when she would be kind to her sister and give her attention but what Helga needed was for her sister to just be there for her. Not be the perfectionist. Not hog all mommy’s and daddy’s attention. Not to give her attention just when she would come home and make her lunch for her but just be there. Show some flaws, make her feel a little less lonely. Everyone needs someone and it just bothers me how she handled their home situation, it’s no healthier than Helga picking on Arnold. And it just bothers me. I mean no one is perfect but maybe she felt the need to be that way because of her parents but still…Helga really needed someone, and if Olga needed someone Helga could have been that someone for her too…

Hey Arnold Forum Re-boot?


So, about 4 years ago I was pretty involved in a HA! forum run by the lovely @ABCreatief.  It kind of died off over time, as most e-things tend to, but the other night I had the overwhelming desire to revisit this lost oasis of fic and friendship.  I pushed aside the tangle of spam-vines and cobwebs to find all of the great things posted there still remained largely untouched and undisturbed by the onward march of time!

I’ve trawled through a lot of the old discussions and just finished rereading our big, old RP session.  It was a GOOD RP.  A fun one.  With characters having genuine emotional moments and silliness.  AND I BECAME A NOSTALGIA MONSTER.

So I’ve cleaned out all the spam and posted a new thing or two and would like to basically extend a warm welcome to anybody who would like to join me in this dusty old forum space.  If you’ve never been there before - go ahead and sign up anyone.  If you’re an old lurker crawling back out of the woodwork - it’s good to see you again.

Anyway, come check it out and maybe post some art or comment on an old thread.  I look forward to interacting with HA! fandom again.


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