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Hey Arnold Forum Re-boot?


So, about 4 years ago I was pretty involved in a HA! forum run by the lovely @ABCreatief.  It kind of died off over time, as most e-things tend to, but the other night I had the overwhelming desire to revisit this lost oasis of fic and friendship.  I pushed aside the tangle of spam-vines and cobwebs to find all of the great things posted there still remained largely untouched and undisturbed by the onward march of time!

I’ve trawled through a lot of the old discussions and just finished rereading our big, old RP session.  It was a GOOD RP.  A fun one.  With characters having genuine emotional moments and silliness.  AND I BECAME A NOSTALGIA MONSTER.

So I’ve cleaned out all the spam and posted a new thing or two and would like to basically extend a warm welcome to anybody who would like to join me in this dusty old forum space.  If you’ve never been there before - go ahead and sign up anyone.  If you’re an old lurker crawling back out of the woodwork - it’s good to see you again.

Anyway, come check it out and maybe post some art or comment on an old thread.  I look forward to interacting with HA! fandom again.


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